China: Shanghai mask factory ramps up production as demand skyrockets due to coronavirus

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Ruptly has obtained exclusive footage taken from inside a mask factory in Shanghai on Monday, as the Chinese government moved to ban exporting the fabric amid low supply levels.

Workers can be seen producing the masks in the factory, using a variety of different machines, before individually packaging them for use around China, as the deadly coronavirus has sparked instances of panic buying.

Many pharmacies and online stores have sold out of masks, as medical workers have been advised to change face masks every few hours to help limit the spread of the respiratory disease.

According to local reports, China is producing around 600,000 masks each day. Taiwan is also currently enforcing a facial mask export ban.

The death toll from the virus, which has been declared by the WHO as a “global health emergency” has overtaken the SARS epidemic of the early 2000s, claiming the lives of 1,775 people.

Around 70,500 persons have been infected in China alone with more than 370 cases declared in over 25 other countries, including Germany, the UK and the US. Three deaths have been confirmed outside China; in France, Japan and the Philippines.

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