Expat In Shanghai China: Coronavirus | Back to Work #IAmChina

Things are staring to get back to normal in Shanghai as the workforce is slowly resuming (with most people still working from home). Business is very bad, as people are still very cautious about eating out, and mood for entertainment is low. However, I started to think if China is the safest place to be at the moment, as the rest of the world is gearing to fight the virus like China 2 months ago. I like to know what country are you from and what your daily life is like, comment below.

As China is recovering, the US (especially NYC) is about to experience the anxiety I’ve been thru the past 2 months. Free feel to check out the video below, and hope you guys get some ideas about how we made it thru in China. I’ve been trying to tell everybody, don’t be a smart ass.. just DO WHAT WE DID HERE! IT WORKS! Take care and peace out!

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